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GoCart and Skipify have joined forces to modernize checkout

Skipify’s acquisition of GoCart means increased capabilities, safety, and purchasing power for all customers. Together, we’re on a mission to reinvent checkout. Read more about Skipify here.


You’ve got questions,
we’ve got answers…

Who is Skipify?

Skipify is a next generation connected checkout solution and embedded wallet that allows you to seamlessly purchase anywhere across the web, directly within emails, SMS messages, and other communication platforms. We make buying online easy and fast.

Will I still be able to use one-click checkout?

Absolutely! One-click checkout remains a core feature of Skipify. We are committed to delivering a fast, stress-free checkout experience for all customers. Say hello to seamless shopping and goodbye to lengthy checkout forms.

What features will be available as a result of this acquisition?

Customers will be able to buy with one-click across the web, allowing you to checkout quickly and seamlessly through email or text messaging without ever leaving the site you are on. Skipify allows you to select products, sizes, colors, and more without the hassle of switching sites or loading new URLs.

How does this affect the security of my personal data?

Rest assured, our customers’ information is safe and secure. Your data is stored through Skipify’s data storage, databases and the general Skipify application. All data is encrypted in both transit and at rest using industry standard methods. Payment data is further encrypted using PCI compliant standards.

Do I have to re-register for Skipify if I was a GoCart customer?

No, your data will automatically be moved to Skipify unless you would prefer to opt out here.