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Skipify makes buying from your favorite online merchants better than ever.

Why Shoppers Love Skipify

All of their available payment options are ready to use in one step.

Rewards, coupons, and discounts are instantly combined for the best possible deal.

The streamlined checkout experience is more enjoyable because it’s quick, easy, and efficient.

Strong data security keeps all shopper information safe.


What is Skipify?

Skipify is a next generation Wallet that allows you to seamlessly purchase anywhere online, including directly in emails, SMS messages, and other communication platforms. You can use Skipify to make buying online easy and fast. Just like PayPal, or any other payment company, your payment information is kept safe and secure. But, better than traditional payment options, you can do things like buy with 1-Click, so you can checkout quickly and seamlessly through email or text messages without ever leaving the site you are on. Skipify allows you to select products, sizes, colors and more without ever having to switch sites or load new URLs.

How do I sign-up?

Easy. Just click the Buy with 1-Click button and complete the form to make your purchase. After you do that you have an active Skipify account. You can now buy with 1-Click from any merchant that is partnered with Skipify. Skipify will also send you an email to allow you to activate additional devices – so you can buy with 1-Click from desktop and mobile for example.

What do they do with my data?

Skipify does not use your data for any purpose other than processing your transactions. Your data is used to help you make seamless purchases now and in the future, and is only shared with the merchant that you make the purchase from. That’s it! Skipify is not an ad network and is not in the business of making money off of data. Skipify is in the business of creating a secure purchase, with data security and privacy at the forefront.

Is my data safe?

Yes, your data lives inside a fully encrypted environment using AES-256 encryption which has been certified for use by the US Government to protect classified information.

How do I handle returns through Skipify?

You can handle returns directly through the merchant just as you are used to doing. You never need to contact Skipify regarding your purchase. If there’s a problem with the product or you need a different size just reach out to the merchant directly.

How do I get my confirmation purchase emails?

After making a purchase, you will still receive a confirmation email from the merchant. It might take a few minutes for you to receive the confirmation email as our systems confirm all the details.

Where else can I use Skipify?

Skipify is growing quickly, and constantly partnering with new merchants.