Get to know Connected Checkout.

Skipify streamlines the entire checkout process by instantly connecting shoppers with their payment options, rewards, and points. That means fewer abandoned carts and a better experience for everyone.

Skipify partners with the largest financial institutions so that your shoppers can instantly access their payment methods without going through a standard checkout.

What’s the reach?

With Connected Checkout, 1 in 3 people in the U.S. can purchase instantly on your site and stores.

See Connected
Checkout in action.

Automatically recognize millions of shoppers. 

New and returning shoppers begin their streamlined checkout just by entering their email.

Finally, a checkout experience thriving on win-win-win solutions.


Offer a world-class express checkout experience while preserving your customer data and relationship.

Financial Institutions

Shoppers get immediate access to your payment options, perks, points, and rewards.


No more endless typing — a faster, simpler, and more enjoyable checkout experience.