Meet your Connected Wallet.

Ready to spend less time checking out? Skipify instantly and securely connects you to all your payment information — including available rewards, points, and discounts!

Why shoppers love Skipify

Our direct integrations with the world's largest financial networks and credit card companies create a digital wallet and checkout experience that you will love as much as the products you buy.

No password?
No problem.

No need to remember passwords —your email address unlocks it all.

We make sure
you’re you.

Enhanced security and easy authentication keep your info safe.

Pick a card,
any card.

No typing, no forms — all your payment options are at your fingertips.

Skip to the
good part.

Simply put, a faster, easier checkout, with none of the hassle.

Get to the


Best deal, every time, with direct access to card points, rewards, and discounts.

Your data is safe

and sound.


secret keeper

Skipify only uses your data to process transactions with merchants and to streamline your purchases in the future. Our own friends and families use Skipify, so we protect your data the same way we protect theirs.