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Company Overview

For nearly 40 years, Lightspeed has been a trusted partner for Powersports, Marine, RV, Trailer, Outdoor Power Equipment, and Golf Car companies, offering cutting-edge dealership management solutions tailored to the unique challenges of the recreation industry. Their innovative software helps dealerships streamline operations, manage inventory, and enhance customer experiences. Lightspeed is constantly innovating and developing solutions to help dealers serve their customers and run their dealerships more efficiently and profitably than ever before. It was this commitment to their customers that led Lightspeed to partner with Skipify.

With more transactions taking place remotely, having the ability to quickly and easily take payments, both via text and email, has significantly shortened our dealerships’ processing time. Rather than waiting behind the counter, customers can be out the door and on their way in no time, with all payment and paperwork sorted out remotely in advance.

John McFarland,
Senior Product Manager at Lightspeed


As the leading management solution for nearly 40 years serving thousands of dealerships across North America, Lightspeed knows a thing or two about staying ahead. Providing value-added services that address emerging consumer trends has always been a cornerstone of success for Lightspeed’s product team. 

Recognizing that consumers were becoming increasingly comfortable shopping across channels, and demanding more convenient omnichannel payment options, Lightspeed set out to help their dealers keep pace. Their objectives were twofold: firstly, to unlock new experiences for their dealers like curbside pickup and self-checkout that would help differentiate their businesses; and secondly, to ensure seamless transitions for consumers shopping across physical and digital channels.


Lightspeed leaned on Worldpay, their preferred payment processor and strategic partner for over 15 years, to recommend high-impact, easy-to-deploy omnichannel payment solutions that would meet their objectives. “Skipify was highly regarded by the Worldpay team, and had already demonstrated value for other ISVs like Lightspeed with thousands of merchants,” said John McFarland, Senior Product Manager at Lightspeed.   

With Skipify PayLinks, Lightspeed dealers could leverage their existing POS to quickly and easily create a personalized and secure payment link for any customer. “Payment links could be sent through text, email, social media or even through a QR code. It was perfect for invoicing, curbside, phone orders, and even self checkout. We would truly be able to meet customers where they are, and that would launch our customer service to a new level,” said John. 

Lightspeed could even whitelabel the experience as their own. They decided to call it “Click to Pay” and made the service available to all dealers across the US.


Since first deploying Skipify in 2022, John has seen improvements in collections, payment success rates, and overall customer experience. “When you make it easy for someone to pay,” explains John, “they are more likely to pay their bills in a timely manner. The collections rates went up, and the hassle and headache for our dealers chasing customers for payments went way down.”

“And since Skipify has direct integrations with financial institutions, transactions are more likely to be trusted and authorized by banks, which is very important for our dealers who typically have average order values north of $1000.” 

“But most importantly,” John concludes, “deploying Skipify was a way for us to demonstrate our promise to our dealers that we are here to keep them ahead and future proof their businesses. They can rely on us now and in the future to stay on top of payment trends, so they don’t have to.”

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