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Skipify & Plae:
The Perfect Fit


Fashion & Footwear


Guest Checkout


Shopify Plus

Authorization rate

with no increase in fraud on 
Skipify transactions

Guest shoppers recognized

and streamlined through checkout

Higher conversion

for Skipify recognized shoppers

Company Overview

Plae has been crafting customizable and environmentally-friendly children's footwear since its establishment in 2012. The brand is distinguished for its innovative design elements, like interchangeable straps and the use of recycled materials.

Plae’s commitment to providing their busy customer base of parents with a best-in-class shopping experience led Plae to partner with Skipify.

We are always looking for partners who help us build better relationships with our customers. Skipify is that kind of partner and our customers have noticed the difference.

Blake Norman,
VP of Ecommerce at Plae


Blake Norman has been leading ecommerce at Plae for over a decade and through his tenure has witnessed shopping trends evolve firsthand. “At Plae, we have always had a strong focus on CX, a certain way we have gone to work for our customers. But shoppers today have higher expectations than ever before, especially our customer base at Plae of busy parents who always have their hands full,” explains Norman.

When examining his conversion rates across the funnel, Norman realized his shoppers were having trouble completing their purchases. “Checkout was our biggest point of dropoff. We examined the issue through a CX lens and realized there was more we could be doing to help our shoppers get the products they need quickly and easily.”


Skipify’s Connected Wallet was exactly what the cobbler ordered for Norman. With Skipify, new shoppers checking out on Plae only had to enter their email address in order to buy their products. No more lengthy form fills or digging through purses for credit cards. Payment and address details were already stored and available in Skipify’s wallet through its direct integrations with card issuers. “It felt like magic for our shoppers. They weren’t quite sure how we did it, but they were grateful that they could hit ‘buy’ and be on their way,” states Norman.

But for Norman, the decision to deploy Skipify came down to more than just customer experience. “The team at Skipify has been an invaluable partner in helping me think through our build in a new way and optimize for the future. The team is engaged and responsive, and you just don’t get that at other places. With other vendors, I hear about outages on Twitter before I get word from the vendor themselves. The strategic support alone is worth the investment.”


Since first deploying Skipify, Norman has seen a notable improvement in performance. “Checkout takes seconds instead of minutes, our bank authorization rates have gone up over 99%, and conversion rates for Skipify users is nearly 10% higher. That’s phenomenal,” says Norman. “But ecommerce is more than just driving one-time sales, it’s about finding ways to connect customers to a brand from the moment they enter a site, through check out, and beyond. Skipify helps keep our customers coming back.”

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