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Modernizing the
checkout experience for
shoppers and merchants

We started Skipify because we think the digital shopping and payment process should be fast, safe, and delightfully efficient. Our technology improves conversion rates and drives more sales through a streamlined checkout experience for both merchants and shoppers.

Our Team

Ryth Martin

CEO + Founder

Jeremy Anderson

President + Co-Founder

Steve Almeida


Rashad Itani


“I have been a part of the Skipify team for over a year and have experienced firsthand how quickly this company is growing and evolving in all the right ways. The talent and dedication of my colleagues are unparalleled, and the leadership team and my managers have always supported my work, career growth, and wellbeing.”

Maya Chin

Creative Design Lead

“I’ve never met a more creative and energetic team than the people at Skipify. Everybody is supportive of one another, creating an open-minded and stimulating environment.”

Kenneth Tsai

Product Marketing Manager

“Skipify provides the opportunity to level up in an innovative, fast-paced environment. I feel like I learn something new every day, my input is valued and I’m surrounded by some of the smartest, most supportive people in the business.”

Amber Taylor

Head of Sales and Client Success

“Skipify has built a culture that values collaborative knowledge sharing, growth opportunities, and diverse ideas. My colleagues are always willing to go above and beyond to help each other solve very complex problems as we continue to grow as a company.”

Albert Llavore

Lead Software Engineer

“After working at many startups, Skipify is a company with a truly unique and category shifting vision that the market is jumping on top of. Everybody at the company is a part of something big, and everybody works across departments to make that happen. This is the smartest and most impressive group of people I’ve ever worked with and I’m learning more than I have at any other time in my career.”

Zach Thigpen

Sr. Director of Strategy and Operations